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Brexit Recruitment Survey Results

Read the feedback from our recent market survey of passive and active candidates. From Brexit to switching jobs, our 30 second survey provided some interesting results!

Have the waves of Brexit effected your career or recruitment plans? Place salary & benefits above role and challenge? These were some of questions covered in our Sept 2016 survey.

On the whole, the feedback on the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote on recruitment and job security was clear - only 15% of those polled felt a notable difference to their company’s recruitment plans.

60% of individuals felt that Brexit either made no difference to their feeling of job security or career prospects with a minority feeling more secure following June’s election result.


Switching Jobs
On to a more general recruitment theme, it was interesting to see the variance in order of importance when switching jobs. Asked to rank the following in order of importance when considering a new career opportunity, there was a distinctive split between those motivated primarily between salary & benefits and those by role & challenge, something which will come as no surprise to seasoned recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers.

Of most note was career development, way down on the list on criteria for passvie and active job seekers and behind that even of ahead softer factors including company culture, flexible working and working environment.

Attracting Talent
And when it comes attracting new talent, it appears that recruitment agencies and headhunters remain the main facilitator in finding individuals new positions, with employers' websites lagging way behind that of other channels, most notably LinkedIn, with 20% of respondents finding their previous position via Microsoft's recent acquisition.

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