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Is Your Tech Company Still Attractive to the Best Talent?

As we approach the end of 2017, many employees and businesses alike are entering a stage of reflection. While professionals look back over their history and create plans for future success, organisations are beginning to think about how they can simplify the recruitment process in the year ahead, and attract the most relevant talent to their doors.

Exceptional people are critical to any brand's success, but today's staff want more than just an appealing salary from their ideal employer. It's no wonder that over two-thirds of companies say that they have a hard time recruiting for their latest job openings.

Finding incredible candidates is even harder for technology groups, who are currently in a stage of digital transformation, driven by the arrival of everything from AI to IoT. In this highly competitive and complicated environment, how can you find and retain the right skill sets?

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1. Refine Your Recruitment Process

Perhaps the easiest way for brands to boost their chances of hiring the best person for their technology team is by simplifying their recruiting practices. Today's employees don't have time to wait around for managers to call them back weeks after an initial meeting. If your system isn't as streamlined as possible, you risk losing the perfect candidate to one of your competitors.

Look at your current process and ask yourself how you can make it easier for both you and the people you're trying to attract. For instance, can you work alongside a specialist recruitment agency, like ourselves which will help you attract the talent you want.

2. Create a Culture of Learning

Company culture is becoming increasingly important for modern tech specialists, particularly those in the Millennial generation. As a business in the industry of innovation, it's up to you to show your staff members that you not only support their goals but also have a plan in place to keep the organisation evolving with the times.

Establishing a habit of learning in your workplace, where experts can upgrade their knowledge with frequent training sessions and growth opportunities, might help you to attract more ambitious people. If your new hires can see that your brand is all about development, they may also begin to recognize you as a place where they can build on their careers.

3. Provide Plenty of Opportunities for Progress

Today's IT professionals are enthusiastic and determined. If they can't see opportunities for promotion and development in your company, then they'll look for roles elsewhere.

Although you might not be able to offer new, higher-paid professions to all your team members, you can look for ways that you can support their career plans with programmes and training solutions.

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Leaders in a tech environment need to speak to their staff and give them strategies for success. For instance, RackSpace, a popular cloud hosting provider, launched their "Technical career track" concept to provide excellent employees with a chance to take on executive positions, without having to give up digital work or manage too many people.

4. Deliver Benefits and Perks

As businesses struggle to attract and maintain the attention of crucial talent, employee perks are becoming more creative than ever. From flexible working hours that give developers and coders the chance to work from home to bonuses and free meals that reward a job well done, there seems to be a benefits package out there for everyone.

If you really want to stand out in the current marketplace, then you'll need to offer advantages that really speak to your staff. That's why Amazon is allowing their employees to bring their dogs to work, and Visualsoft is providing unlimited holidays. The more unique your organisation is, the better.

5. Monitor your Online Reputation

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Finally, while most of the best recruits now interact with potential employers through social media and online forums, technology specialists are the most digitally-focused candidates of all. Since these professionals spend most of their time on the web, you can assume that they're going to check on your virtual reputation before they consider working with you.

With countless platforms out there to rate and review tech companies, possible team members now have access to a vast amount of information about your brand. With that in mind, you need to make sure that your character online reflects as positively as possible on your company.

If someone leaves a disgruntled message on your website, deal with it as quickly as possible, and think about working on your social efforts. After all, tech staff might be some of the hardest talents to attract, but they can also be the key to running a successful business.

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